A class diagram of the GWT MVP model [Update]

Since 2009 Google has advocated the MVP pattern as the preferred architecture for large scale GWT applications. With GWT 2.1 Google introduced the concept of “Activity” and “Place” (borrowing from the Android UI framework). Apart from providing a standard way for history management, it can be elegantly combined with GWT UI components to form an MVP architecture with easy device-dependent views making it a great starting point for mobile web development.

While I found the framework to be very powerful, it also has put quite a strain on my ability to memorize classes and their relationships. In the end – since I found no good rendition in the Internet – I ended up creating my own diagram of the MVP frameworks’s main classes around the concepts of “Activity”, “View” and “Place”.

Here is the class diagram in in PDF format. I will publish the original OmniGraffle file later on GitHub. Any comments are welcome.


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